The Fondazione Bellini and the Centro di Documentazione per gli Studi Belliniani have been founded in order to enhance knowledge of Vincenzo Bellini’s life and works in the broader sphere of history and culture and through Italian and international musicology. In particular, the two institutions aim:

-       to promote studies, documentary researches and scientific debates on Vincenzo Bellini’s life and work, in an interdisciplinary context, in order to analyze the cultural and musical contexts in which the composer lived and worked;

-       to establish a specialized and digital archive that will acquire, order and catalogue manuscript copies, printed editions of correspondence related to Bellini’s works, and set up a reference library on Bellini’s scientific and critical output;

-       to provide documentary support for the critical edition of Bellini’s Complete Works (Edizione critica delle opere di Vincenzo Bellini), currently being undertaken by Ricordi publishers;

-       to foster international exchanges between scholars engaged in scientific research on Vincenzo Bellini and related topics; to set up on-going partnerships of consultation, collaboration and exchanges with Italian and foreign Universities and Research centers, public and private authorities and international institutions engaged in the above-mentioned subjects;

-       to produce periodicals and publications on Bellinian studies and similar subjects;

-       to organize conferences, tutorials and exhibitions in order to promote scientific debate and the dissemination of research findings, including publication;

-       to collaborate with cultural institutions in Catania and its surroundings involved in the enhancement of Vincenzo Bellini’s life and works, and in particular with the Museo Civico Belliniano of Catania, the Teatro Massimo Bellini, the Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicali Vincenzo Bellini and the National Archive, promoting joint initiatives;

-       to promote professional training scholarships for students interested in the musical heritage conservation.